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The response times to support queries are lightning fast. And the queries are not because of any flaws in the plugin, but rather my requests for assistance and domain migration. Thanks Contact Bank!

Good job, thank you for helping us.

great plugin – great support

Only installed this yesterday and encountered a problem with the information being collected not appearing in the emails being sent, so I reluctantly fired off an email to the support team. They responded within 12 hours, and fixed the problem very quickly. Overall very impressed considering that I have not upgraded from the free version. Highly recommended.

Took care of my issue fast. Made it super easy.

Easy to install and performs well!

The best Plugin Support I have ever found!, This company is truly great, usually when something is not working you send a message and hear nothing back But not with this company they really offer 5 star support – I would recommend this plugin to anyone.
P Collins

This plugin is highly customizable even for the free version, giving me a lot of flexibility for my website. Thanks guys for creating such a great plugin!


I have used this plug-in for a while with no problems at all. It has many uses and works great. When an update caused an issue with my layout their support had it fixed in less that 24 hours. Would highly recommend.

I’ve tried a number of email plugins and they all failed for one reason or another. I took a chance with contact bank and plunked the $99 down for the developer version after testing the free version. It’s easy to use, produces a smart looking form. But, then, to my surprise, the plugin interfered with my WP media upload facility. On no, not $99 down the drain! Since I just had a disaster with my original site (my web host tech team destroyed my WP sign-on capacity and I had to completely rebuild my site with a new install of WP, I wasn’t going to waste any time with another disaster, so I asked for a refund. Tech Banker was very calm in the face of my distress and went directly to my WP installation to fix everything, after promising me that they would not alter my WP installation in any way. They did it quickly and now I am a happy customer with email plugin that works! Thanks and kudos to Tech Banker.

The forms are easy to customize and implement into my site. I purchased the Pro version and loaded it onto my staging site. Everything worked as planned but when I went to transfer over to my live site, it would not allow me to have the Pro version due to it being registered to the staging site. I was instructed to contact Support which I did and they responded within 24 hours with instructions on how to transfer the license from the staging to the live site. I am 100% satisfied with this plugin and the support provided with it.

Practical and simple plug-in, with a competent and fast support. My recommendations …

Easy to use and excellent service – just what is promised!

Simple to use, multi-lingual. Very fast and helpful customer service.

Great plugin with great support!

Asked if there was a possibility to add a feature to the form and after some emails they fixed it. Quick and helpful! A great plugin who is easy to understand.

I am very much an amateur and even I made a good looking form to fit on my website – Great customer support too.

Had a little issue with the PRO version with it not being able to update. Contacted a very polite customer service and it didn’t take long before my issue was solved. I’m actually quite happy with this plugin and just an advice : check their forums for FAQs, often, most of the answers are there.

I had lost my plugin-file and after writing my email I was surprised how quick I got my answer and another copy of the zip-file to upload the plugin. What a great service. I really appreciate this! Sabine from Zurich

after long tome of free use, i need yesterday the support, and they helped very fast and good, so that i bought today the full version ? Thanks for Your support

Works great, top notch support.

Help desk was very responsive and friendly. Handled support ticket well. Furthermore, the contact form is really nice and easy to customize.

Works very well and is easy to setup but I wait for a future update with the possibility to duplicate a form, in order to speed up the process of form creation.

While there was a little problem with the initial setup, thanks to great support it is working really well.

Quick timely and efficient back up support on technical issues.

The support staff is amazing. I didn’t expect the help and thought I had lost my work, but I reached out to them with a prayer. They came through miraculously. The communication was helpful and valuable. They kindly and patiently answered my questions, and I would highly recommend this company.

Good form, simple, practical and easy to use. The service… very good and faster … thank you very much

A form builder that would accommodate Arabic language with right to left writing, rarely found. Full of other features. The support team is very responsive and addressed few issues within less than a day. 5 stars no doubts !

The app works as promised. Support is fast and knowledgeable

The lite version is enough for general usage. And the pro version is really worthy. I had a compatibility issue with theme, and the support team help to fix in time, which is much more than I expected. Thank you soooo much!!!

Excellent service glad to work with you guys!!!

I signed up for a contact form plugin and had a slight issue right at the beginning so e-mailed expecting not to get the issue resolved quickly. The support team were straight on to it and have resolved the issue in no time. Thank you. I will be signing up now for the Premium version! Great, adaptable contact forms – just what I have been looking for.

The Plugin and the support are awesome. The questions by e-mail were answered very fast. Thank you so much!

I bought the Pro version of this and it was so easy to set up. There was one problem on certain screen sizes, but I contacted their customer support and within 48 hours they had an update that fixed the issue! You should also get their captcha with this form!

Supporto veloce e risolutivo. Grazie

Really nice plugin, easy to manage and very quick response from the support team when an issue arose.

The support team at Tech Banker responded immediately and with great efficiency! Thank you for a great plugin and amazing support.

Simple and direct for making forms with customized options. Awesome – Thanks.

Very reliable tech service. Outstanding job and very much appreciated!!!

Adding this easy to use the contact form to our website has been very helpful and has helped us to increase our new business. I highly recommend.

Thanks for sharing us – we feel happy without writing single line of code – we can now receive all contact visitor request in a separate listing wise.

After converting to https i had some issues with the plugin. But the support fixed it quickly.
I love this plugin. Everything works fine.

After switching to an HTTPS domain from HTTP, the plugin had to be reactivated before I could use it again.
This was fixed quickly.

A very supportive team when fixing an error for my client within 24 hours it was all working again! Thank you

Flexible plugin to create the form I wanted and excellent customer support when I needed it. Highly recommend!

Very fast help from Support.

really fast response to a https problem thank you

Works smoothly

Thank you for the fast response and easy to follow instructions!

We are satisfied with techbankers service, they helped us very well in fixing our problem!

Had an issue with installation, because I didn’t follow the instructions, and support replied promptly and assisted me with installing the pro version.

Everything excellent and highly recommended! I’ve purchased Pro and it was worth it! Maria

We use this plugin for our possible customers, when they want to apply an invitation to tender. Works perfectly, also minor issues have been handled trough customer service without extra cost for us. We are happy and we love this plugin!

Ottimo servizio. Grazie

Good plugin and great support

Quick response to my question!

Great product, simple to use and works well

Great support. I received responses within a few hours each time, including on a weekend, and they were very helpful in working with me to find a solution. Much appreciated!

Plugin was super easy to use and I needed to contact support to change the domain the plugin was associated with. Everything got processed within 24 hrs.

I could have chosen a free plugin, but Contact Bank convinced me and it is indeed a very useful software. Some hiccups were quickly resolved by a quick and friendly customer support.

This plug in is awesome! I am very pleased with it and it’s mechanics. there are a lot of personal touches you can add too; colors, sizes, different types of questions, emails to send the form to, and all forms can be changed separately however you like. I think it’s well worth the money. The support is phenomenal and very helpful!! I had a hiccup from a changeover, and the support team was right on it, and helped me get around it within a couple of days!! I would recommend this again and again!

The customer support is professional responsive and helpful! Thank you for your fast support!!!

The plugin is very flexible, easy to use and the support team was really helpful to sort out one issue I had.

Great plugin and very good reactivity From France Marc

If you jsut need a simple contact form. It is perfect! Simple Set-Up and GREAT SUPPORT!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Very quick response! Great plugin!

I was able to easily add the forms I needed without any assistance from the developers. A year later, I changed the domain name of my website, which required a change to the Contact Bank licensing. A quick email to support, and my license agreement was updated with everything working perfectly. Support is EVERYTHING with these plugins, and these guys get top marks for speed of response and resolution.

I love this plugin and their support was quick and super helpful!

I contacted them to remedy an issue I was having with my client’s web host and within 24 hours, they fixed it! Very good communication and quick response.

This plugin does exactly what I want it to do. It is easy to set up and it integrates very well with WP. It has all the modern touches of independent form software. There was a small problem with another plugin. It was resolved within 24 hours – an excellent service. Happy to recommend. Thanks.

Very responsive technical support. Thank you!

I found this product easy to use and I added the captcha plugin as well which is absolutely seamless. I was a little confused with setting up the response portion of the email and the Tech-Banker addressed it almost immediately. Keep in mind that I am in Southern California and the team at Tech Banker is on the other side of the planet (at least I assume they are), so I had to consider that when expecting a response for assistance. Good job!

Easy to use and a great service.

Been looking for a contact plugin that I could adapt to my requirements – This was great – had a few issues with receiving emails, but the Tech Bank Support responsive and helpful. They also said they would do a customization based on my needs.

Purchased the upgraded version of Contact Bank, and am very happy. Easy to use and very flexible. Had a few problems, but received support within 24 hours and they fixed the problems. This is an update, needed a small bit of customization and for a very reasonable price the changes were made. Excellent form and well worth the price for the pro version. This is another update. Had to change themes and contact form was misaligned. No fault of theirs, but they corrected the problem quickly and to my complete satisfaction. Recommend both the plugin and the company which created it. This is a continuation of the high ranking I give this company. Contact form is excellent both in the free and premium version and support is outstanding. Response is prompt and excellent. This company deserves a 5+ star rating.

Developers have very good support; fast responses and they even correct the code within the customer’s website

I like the plugin, it worked right away. I bought the pro version. Customer services are just fine. They answer quickly.

Works very well, easy to manage!

Again, within a couple of minutes we received feedback, answers and more than just an answer, that’s what i call service! Thinking ahead and realising that just answering the question would affect more than just answering our specific question, is superb service!

Got immediate support and a solution to a problem I encountered – thanks so much!


Quick response and quick resolution

Works great, never fails and it’s free!

Efficacite importante et surtout rapidité ..
Merci pour cette intervention .

I had a problem with form submissions, it took customer service just 24hours to fix the issue. Not only did they alleviate the problem, they went above and beyond to create a unique response message in retort to a submission.

I’ve been using CONTACT BANK Plugin for a couple of years now & it’s been good to me. ? I’m also a fan of their other plugin GALLERY BANK.

Very good! I love it!

Lightning fast support… the best!

Great Plug-in

Cannot recommend this plugin and the rapid response of the support team highly enough. Thanks.

Quick and good support that solved an issue with pro-version

Great support managed to fix it within 12 hours of raising the issue!

Top Service Level, immediate reaction, very supportive! Top!

Excellent plug-in and worthy technical support!!!

This is the best contact forum I use it and very great stuff and support very quickly

Fast response, very helpful and exactly what I needed.

If you’re new to Word Press, or just love simple, organized, and editable, use this contact form plug-in! The Contact Bank Plug-In The plug in, is amazing! I use it on three sites, and have a few more in the future that will be using it too. I downloaded the Contact 7 before and it was all coding, they layout wasn’t my cup of tea, and I just couldn’t stand it for the 5 minutes it was installed. Contact Bank is user-friendly, the layout was organized and I loved the easy accessibility for me to change the form, change the email the client receives, and the email I get to however I wanted them laid out. So-that alone was amazing! The Contact Bank Customer Service I did not realize that my key was linked to the domain – I assume it was linked to the WordPress I created. So, when I changed domains on my websites and the contact bank quit working I panicked. They got back to me within 24 hours and helped me to fix the problem. I now realize that it is linked to my domain and will be sure to purchase and enter the key after the final domain is linked to the website. They are amazing, however! Very fast, very helpful, and friendly! When I first emailed, I assumed they were going to be like “sorry, your loss for not knowing,” or “you have to buy it again” but they weren’t! Since I still only needed the 3 I bought, on 3 sties, they actually helped me fix the problem that I now know how to prevent with future websites. 100,000,000 times I recommend them!

good plugin and great support…very reactive

The customer support is professional responsive and helpful! Thank you for your fast support and solving my problem.

Sent them already several inquiries regarding contact bank, always received a prompt and friendly answer, implemented everything I wanted them to do – great!

The support team was very helpful and quick to solve my problem.

The pro edition allowed me to really customize my fields I recommend upgrading to get the full benefit of this plugin. And support was quick to respond.

I used Contact Bank in my previous company and could not be happier with their new version. I had a minor installation issue and received help within minutes of my request. Keep Up The Good Work TB!

We use this plug-in and it works very well. Recently there was a minor conflict with another plug in and Tech Banker responded quickly with some support suggestions, and ultimately fixed the problem in a very short time. Great support!

This is a great plugin. If it can make me look good then it’s been designed correctly. I had an issue where the form wouldn’t stay live so I contacted support. Long and short they took care of it on the first point of contact and that’s all you can ask for. Thanks for the service and great contact us form! Jim Garofalo SPS Solutions

As well as producing a brilliant product which will assist you in keeping track of your contacts, the producers also offer excellent support in order to ensure that you can get the most out of their product. I am completely new to WordPress and the plugin, but having bought the app and made contact with Tech Bank, I was warmly greeted and quickly invited to receive their support. I gave the login details of my WordPress account, and within a few hours they completed the work that I needed, for me : ) Thank You so much Tech Bank, please keep up the good work.

This is an outstanding plugin that is extremely simple to install and configure.

Nice Look and Feel and facility to see the data received, just Perfect!

I downloaded the contact bank plug in but needed to sort out some formatting questions so that the plugin design was consistent with my site colour scheme. I emailed the support desk..not only did Sareena Joe or the tech support email me back within a few hours with the updated version I need, but they actually pre-configured it to match the colours on my site! A rare case of someone not just responding efficiently but actually doing more without even being asked. 10 out of 10!

I am very impressed with the extremely responsive tech support! It’s as though they were just next door!

Thanks for making a great and easy to use plugin. Support was super helpful when I had a minor problem with my forms not updating. Fast response, fast turn around! Great ?

The plugin is very simple to use. In addition, support resolve problem in a very short time.You will not be disappoint with it. Cheer!

The plugin is easy to use and meets all my needs, plus I was having trouble receiving email notifications so I sent an email and they got right back to me with the solution. That’s five stars in my book!

easy, worked from first trial of submission. message can be seen wp-admin panel, you don’ t need to follow emails.

Contact Bank is the only plug-in so far that has worked correctly for my business. I tested the free version and it did what it was supposed to do with no problem. I then purchased the Pro version – had a issue and contacted support via Live Chat. Outstanding technical support! There was an issue with the server configuration on the back end and support corrected the problem.

Thanks for providing us such a great plugin for contact us.